Think before you Honk

Problem is we Indians don’t have patience. So these people are honking everywhere possible without any reasons and need. You stop at a signal and when there are few seconds left this guy will start honking. When there is heavy traffic or slow moving traffic this guy will honk like that sound has magic powers which will clear traffic just like that. Dei idiot how can we move the vehicle when the vehicle in front of us are not moving. If there is a way don’t you think that we will start moving. Are we awarded something if we don’t move our vehicles?

Worst part is this guy will travel in every possible corners which includes pedestrian way and start honking pedestrians like they are blocking his way. Idiot you are blocking their way. And if there is a pedestrian crossing, this guy will give full respect. Honking with full energy which will make the pedestrians scary and stop. Adei remember you have to be a pedestrian at times and you were a full time pedestrian in past. Learn that horn should be used only when the vehicle in front of you makes a mistake or not giving a way even though there is a possibility. Not whenever you like. It’s not Illayaraja music you know? It only annoys and creates hyper tension.

Another worst thing is driving at night. Man these guys never know the usage of High Beam. He simply turns on the light with high beam and never mind people driving in opposite direction. Even in a small streets he is driving with high beam WTF. I could write a post just about this high beam irritation.

Like me I hope you too feel like stopping your vehicle in middle of the road, go back and give a tight slap to these guys.


Gulf Travelogue

After US was rejected, Dubai got the great opportunity to say yes to me.  Last year October I went to Dubai for a week, an official trip. That was my first abroad trip and first time travel in Wright brothers invention. I have never been traveled out of south India. So this was a really excited and interesting trip. We are team of 10 guys reached Dubai. Thankfully I got some interesting guys as my roommates.

After we got down, and started to Hotel from Airport I was surprised to see everything, For me the thoughts was like Dubai will have some tall buildings and all. But the city, traffic and everything was like well developed and what you call it as a super power country. The well maintained government and private taxis which look  alike with beautifully designed(or advertised) car exteriors. As Goundamani says AC – yo – AC everywhere. AC in Bus stops, watchman room and even in rest rooms. Because of the hot temperature, which is the only worst thing in this country you would say.

Beautifully maintained lawns in road sides. If I have to show such a place something in Chennai, from what I’ve see so far is, DLF IT park where I work. The traffic system, man I’ve seen it only  in movies. Vehicles slows down for pedestrians and always gives importance to pedestrians. If the signal is red, all vehicles will stop before 3ft of stop line. All because of strict traffic rules and people obeys it. Else you have to pay a lot and will get points for every violation.

My roommate got a friend there, so with the help of him I was able to visit some great places that includes some exotic Night clubs :P, Abu Dhabi. Also went to the Desert Safari which I recommend as ‘Do not miss it’ if you go to Dubai. Desert Safari is a great package which includes safari ride in desert, Quad bike, camel ride, belly dance with awesome Arabian dinner. All in the desert. Beach, where people come at morning with stuffs to cook food and spends a whole day there. Wow, that’s a life. Even though it was just 7 days trip It was unforgettable.

To my surprise I got another opportunity to travel to Gulf on last week, and this time it is Qatar and I got to travel alone. That’s also somewhat interesting. Again a short trip, just for 5 days. Here I was not able to explore more places, because of no company and don’t know any people. I heard about this Pearl Qatar and people said it will be very good place to see. I missed to see Palm houses at Dubai, these houses at Dubai was just awesome, each house has a swimming pool, and when you come at just outside each house, you have the beach. Take a look at these pictures of Palm tree houses at Dubai. So I don’t want to miss this at Qatar. I hired a taxi and got down and this place. Well, I really do not aware of where I was standing, so walked around enjoyed to see the stuffs around there, took some pictures. Came back to hotel, checked Google maps to find out where exactly I was standing and roaming. Ok I was there and seen the houses built above the sea water by filling sands.

One thing which is common in both Dubai and Qatar, you can hardly find the local people. Most of the people living there are from Asia and Africa. Well at least I have found more local people at Qatar than Dubai, but for my work related activities I have only talked to Asian people. Most of them are from India, specially from Kerala(man they have contract with these Gulf countries or what), Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Philippines and Africa. These Gulf guys will never be an employee, they will only be an employer it seems. You can never find a taxi driver who is a citizen of Dubai or Qatar. It seems this is same in all the Gulf countries.

I was just amazed and could just dream for such a life at India some day. At least the roads and traffic.

Mankatha – A Thala Game

Got something to blog. Alright, after a long time watched Ajith’s movie in theater. Why? Simple, got a ticket from colleague. Thala 50th movie, the hype given by Venkat Prabhu in Twitter and FB from the time the movie started – this day it got released.

Coming to the point, went for 11.30 am show. I’m not going much into story line here. Movie started with Ajith intro, a song, and then movie slowly running to loot 500 crores money which is transferred for IPL gambling. First half, – VP dragged the movie as much as he can which does not suit for any action movies like this. In intro song Ajith sings ‘Drinking too much, smoking too much’ absolutely reflects in the movie, he could have added shooting too much. PremG and Ajith comedy scenes are good even though some of them were taken from Twitter users like @kaattuvaasi  Ajith mentioning lot of hangover dialogues which is so funny and typical. Vada BinLada song was good too see in celluloid.

Second half moves somewhat faster than first half. Arjun contribution will be more in second half than first half. He suits best for the role. 4 actresses Trisha, Andrea, Lakshmi Roy, Anjali appears in this movie. But no one’s character has given importance. You can see the usage of beep sound more in second half. Climax was twisted round on me, well not very much. You can judge it if you have watched all VP movies before.

Music is good for the title song, other songs are not up to the mark. BGM is good. Too much usage of ultra slow motions could have avoided. Other than that, police dept guys(Arjun +) wearing blazers everyday, Hyderabad press reporters talking in Tamil kind of things are still continues in Tamil cinema. Cinematography is well done. Ajith looks so good and stylish in the movie, seems this was also ‘e adichan’ copy from Oceans 11 or 13 characters. Yet to see those movies to find the plagiarism.

Overall Ajith’s Anti Hero attempt, a good treat for Thala Ajith fans, and for Ajith a good 50th movie rather than a mookai 50th movie by Vijay. I really cannot say awesome, wow, fantastic, I can say this movie as ok or good. 2.5/5 will be my rating. Even though that doesn’t matters for anyone 😛

நானும் எவ்ளோ நாள் தான் ப்ளாக் எழுதாமலே இருக்குறது.

The Guitar Dream

Playing an instrument professionally is always a dream for me. Today when I checked Google, it has an awesome doodle for Les Paul’s birthday.  I have rewind-ed my time line! A year back  I have started learning guitar and even wrote about it here  Balancing my work timings I was able to attend the class for just 3 months 😦 To become a good player you will need at least have 6 months training.

So the dream is still a dream. I wish somehow I could have continued the class.  Any way, you can use your keyboard to play the guitar in doodle and some notes are here.

Oh Oh Sanam from Dasavatharam – H H H J K J H G H  H

For the first line of our national anthem – ASDDDDDDDDDDDSDF

“Oru Naal Podhuma” from Thiruvilayadal – K KK JK HH K K ; L K JK HH GFGF D

Thanks @krishashok

Rebecca Black vs Wilbur Sargunaraj

If you have not seen this viral of Rebecca Black a 13 year old girl, take a look at it here. She got huge hits(28,468,328+) and trending in twitter for her first video song ‘Friday’. Not because the song is so good, but people hate her and the song so much. Well, I love this music and this song. It might sounds hilarious with those lyrics. But I still like it 🙂

Yesterday was Thursday, Thursday
Today i-is Friday, Friday (Partyin’)
We-we-we so excited
We so excited
We gonna have a ball today

Tomorrow is Saturday
And Sunday comes after…wards
I don’t want this weekend to end

Some one in Twitter said If you like this music, you got no taste. After all music should make you feel happy, relaxed, at times should make you laugh and make you forget all your tension right? This song got something catchy.  If a 32 year old Wilbur Sargunaraj can sing so funny, makes you happy, why not a 13 year old Rebecca Black can do that? 🙄 If you read the Wilbur Sargunaraj song’s lyrics you will burst out of laugh. Even US people love him a lot, you can see them dancing with him at some of his parties. He’s so funny, make you laugh and dance. He is so popular and even featured in Wall Street Journal’s blog. He was referred as India’s Youtube star, and referring himself as simple superstar, Tamilnadu Superstar etc. This guy got lot of talents. His first song ‘Please check my blog’ is my favorite 😛 Check it out here…

What should I blog about?

I’ve been asking this question to myself for very long time. This is a good idea to post 😉 Well, that’s finally become a post. When I checked my archives, I’ve posted interesting things happened around me during my school, college and corporate life.

People like it reading them and some of them even ask why I have stopped blogging(I really got some fans, good to hear 😛 ) It doesn’t mean that nothing interesting happening. Something I really felt to blog haven’t happened. After Facebook’s revolution now everything is transparent. Whatever you write about, everyone reads that. People whom you never met which FB suggests as friends 🙄 , Friends of Friends, visitors via Re-tweet will read that. So you got to know what you are writing.

I can write something which am interested about. Something about good music, stuffs I read about, some tech stuffs. I really have to spend some more time reading more and more. I’m missing it by getting stuck into FB 😦 I don’t read things which are really long. Unless which is very important or which impress me to read further.  At least am tweeting some what frequently.

So what am trying to say here is am gonna read more, and try to write more in blog(I heard the latter a lot of times 😛 ). okay finally finished a new post.

2010 in review

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Denial of US Visa at Chennai

Good opportunities are rare and not everyone get it. When you get such a rare opportunity you will fly in air, actually to fly in air for the first time 🙂 I got one such opportunity to go to US for a short period officially. Prepared for a week to get all those documents needed during the interview. Disturbed my friend by calling a lot of times to know more about the interview process and docs preparation. Because he attended the interview recently and cleared it. That was a L1 and I have applied for B1. Everyone said getting B1 was not a tough job. Only L1 will get denied lot of times. Having said that lot of B1 visas of my colleagues were rejected in recent times. But I got all the documents pukka.

Interview was on last Friday 22 October. It was a beautiful morning ( getting into movie effect 😉 ) 11.45 was the time for the interview. When I started at 10.50 from my room found my signature was missing in my offer letter photo copy. So ran to a shop near by bus stop which had no power(fate started from there) then ran into another shop thankfully got the copy there. Now everything is ready.

Started to US Consulate in bus and reached there at 11.30. Fortunately no queue was outside the Consulate. Went inside and appeared for the finger print process and went for the interview. A big fat American guy with bow tie called me for the interview. Greeted each other and he started asking me the basic questions like why I want to go US, what am doing, how long I will be there, My salary, Experience, about my company. Before I complete any answer he was shooting the next question. To my surprise he have not checked any of my documents, not even one.

Suddenly he took a white sheet and said ” According the law 214 (b) I cannot give you visa” I was shocked and said “Wait give me an exact reason to deny” and this guy was talking about ‘Ties’  I do not have strong ties in India, I’m single, I may get settled in US, financially blah blah…. I was blank and said ” I will be there for a week  and…. ” He said the same words again. That’s it.

Who the hell want that 214(b) law? This is ridiculous. This guy planned to deny my visa application once he started the interview, just for a sake asked questions. We do not have any other option to change his decision. This is not fair, B1 visa costs 7k to apply and we do not have any option to escalate this to someone and explain our application is valid. This is B1 and I heard that L1 costs 25k to apply. Interview was just 2-3 minutes and he judged that I’m not eligible to go. This guy said one of the reasons as I’m single. Dude, do you want to me to loose my freedom just to get a US visa? 😉

Visa applications are getting denied more at Chennai US Visa consulate more than any other consulate in India. Thanks for the support and tweet by my Senior Thiruppathi

I was about to ask this to the guy who interviewed me ” Enga ooruku vanthu ukkanthu kitu yengala poha kudathunu solra, ne yenna avlo periya appataker ah? illa avlo periya appataker nu kekuren” 😛  It’s time to read some bharathiyar oops, it’s Maruthakasi (Thanks Jana)  poems to make myself cool 🙂

என்ன  வளம் இல்லை  இந்த  திரு  நாட்டில்
ஏன்  கையை  ஏந்த  வேண்டும்  வெளிநாட்டில்

Friendship day wishes to everybuddy ;)

Happy friendship day to all. I was in a very good mood last week and this friendship day will add more reasons to celebrate. So let’s party 🙂

One of my friends got an email from a customer like this

” I called you people several times. But why nobuddy responding”   LOL 😀

So just thought of changing everybody as everybuddy 😛 Hope you all like that.