Way of expressing a situation

There will always be some guys in everyone’s gang who like to express a situation withhelp.gif some build ups, adding spice to the situation. Some guys used to do that to show heroism saying like “machi ava ena pathu kite iruka da”(dude she’s always staring at me!) even the girl not even turned by mistake to see him. He he he.. 🙂

There is also some other guys who used to express their mistake or some bad situations or any vital situation in such a humorous way. No one can beat their humor. They will express it in such a great humor sense. Ok cool am coming to the matter. In our class also one such guy with such humor sense. I don’t wanna mention his name ‘coz if he read this then he will scold me (Ethuku vambu!!!) let his name be X. I will write here some of his funny expressions. Remember the below situation are not exactly happen but the way X expressed.

While joining in our college the situation between Deputy Registrar (DR) and this guy X. here it goes….

DR: which department you want?
X: I want mechanical engineering.
DR: mechanical is full.
X: what else you are having (asking like hotel menu!!!)
DR: I.T is available
X: apa athula oru seata podunga. Paathu pinnadi seata podunga. (Then book me a seat in I.T also make it as a last row seat)


This guy asked an engineering seat as a movie ticket seat! Cool!! here goes another situation. It was the time when the movie Gilly released and our university examination were going on. After completion of one such exam X came and told the story that what happened in exam hall.


X: dude out of the five 16mark question I know only 3 questions. When I was writing the
second question nearing the end of it the invigilator told “Last ten minutes Gilly 16
Tiger 18” I was shocked and don’t know what to do!!!!!

Well you can able to laugh this situation only if you have seen the Gilly(Tamil) movie. After watching many English-Tamil dubbed movies in vijay tv he use that dubbed dialogues and make all of us laugh. Like while coming in train to our college he’s saying by having that old Nokia mobile (sengal) “pana maratha thandi vanthu kitu irukom SIR!!”

There are also many more situations that he used to tell us everyday. But can’t write everything publicly right. I don’t know his reaction if he read his post. Also I don’t know whether you laughed or not ‘coz while he expressed everyone there laugh. Let me know what about you that while just reading this alone made you to laugh or not. So post your comment and let me know.


6 thoughts on “Way of expressing a situation

  1. @jeyalakshmi
    ya there will always be such guys. thnks for dropping

    ya lot. i have mentioned only few. welcome here. keep visiting

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