Lateral Thinking

When I was a kid for surfing someone has created me email-id with my name underscore birth year. But I don’t like to have such email id. I don’t know why. Maybe I don’t like people struggling to type underscore by pressing shift keys and then pressing numbers😉 . But email providers itself now showing full id in compose box after pressing first letter right. Six years back whether it is unavailable or I may be not aware of it. I just wanted my id to be unique, different without these numbers and underscores.


So I searched dictionary, being an I.T student seen those related words. Finally I  got the word Techie a short form for technocrat. But it should not easily identified by my friends know. So I further shorted that as teky and added first four letters of my name it becomes tekybala.

But one of my friend created an id in gmail. I was really amazed with his thniking.  Wanna know what his id? it’s Wow! looking cool and different right? I was wondered to see such id’s. Is this called Lateral thinking? Obviously right.

3 thoughts on “Lateral Thinking

  1. well, the id’s like what ur friend is using might be good to see ,but being professional that doesn’t sound good .
    and moreover people might get pissed off while trying to send mail due to the the big ID..😛

  2. may be. but he won’t use that for official. it’s for personal use. i.e for friends and relations. but easy to remember na. so no difficulty in remembering😉

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