Google Reader – Place to read everything

Finding hard time to discover blogs on my taste. It’s been long time since I posted here. Wanna post frequently, but due to busy academic schedules ๐Ÿ˜‰ like vethu project, symposium works(being final year we have to do all work). I came across many blogs and seen bloggers having a long list on blog roll like 10-20-30. I was amazed that how these bloggers find time to read all the blogs in their list? How do they know that when other bloggers update? Else they have to visit often and check unnecessarily.

And finally in one such blog I have seen a note about Google Reader. Wow it was yet another awesome service from my favorite online giant Google. It shows whenever a blogger updates, can able to share a post, email it, star it and more. Even though I have subscribed to Google reader some long time before after blogging I came to know the real value of it. Wow really a great tool. I dono about other such reader tool,ย also don’t want to know as google is available.

btw I wanna share some fine Info about Google. I dono that how many people know these stuffs. Google is the world’s best working environment. The office is more than a home like feel.Everyday one guy in a team should make his team members to laugh by cracking some jokes. 20% of each week’s work time the Google employee can spend in their own project. Innovation comes from there. Some fine eg for such projects are Google News, orkut, Adsense etc… Even I did a flash presentation about Google working environment. If possible download and view it. You will get a warning msg about downloading .exe file but ignore it don’t worry I will not harm your system.


9 thoughts on “Google Reader – Place to read everything

  1. yes, google reader is best of its kind.
    but i hate google ..i hate it dominating the whole internet world.. almost half of the internet utilities is owned by google.. ๐Ÿ˜›
    but i dont know why i dont likt it ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. hate google? omg most of your new traffic will be from google. in that way.. will u hate adding new friends to u and ur blog? Hating dominating… Someone should dominate na?

  3. of course google is the best these days with more updates everyday n reader is not just for bloggers …i use it to get updates frm many websites ….that includes news channel sites, educational n filmy stuff toooo ๐Ÿ™‚
    n thanx for the info abt working environment

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