Well I don’t know about this tagging stuff in blogs. I have seen people writing posts about that they have been tagged by some friends and write or answer for some questions. I was confused with that. Even I googled about that and not got proper answer. Finally I got the answer from arvind’s blog. He asked to tag some blogger and that blogger also don’t know that what tagging is. They discussed in comments and I got the answer 8)


Fine! Tagging is something like a game but interesting one, in which a blogger have to write about his personal information likes and dislikes, or have to answer for the questions asked.

Yep! Finally I got a tag from arvind. He’s told that this tag is open to all. Well am interested in this stuff. For the first time tagging…

So have to write six Random facts about me.


  • I love long distance traveling a lot with my friends and family .But not lonely (of course who like that). Yep if it’s within a city then ok.
  • As other bloggers I am an Internet freak and I love my sweet system than any other system, whatever high configuration it have. Having a strong bond with the past seven years.
  • I love to read lot of books. But not doing that…. 😉 Don’t know that why I don’t find time to read books. So far the only book I have read was Ignited Minds by Dr.Abdul Kalam. Trying to read Google story completely but not yet completed even after a year.
  • I love listening music alone. Particularly in night. I will switch on the FM and then went to bed. Will sleep by listening songs and will switch of in midnight (if possible 😉 )
  • Passionate about gadgets. But won’t buy anything. Still having Nokia 1108 mobile 😆
  • I am lazy to get up early, but sleep only at late night.
  • My room will not be neat. Even though I tried to keep it so, within a day everything got collapse. So now stopped even trying to do so…🙄

Well that’s it. Have to tag another blogger right? Hmmm.. Fine am tagging this to sahefa




7 thoughts on “Tagging!!!

  1. Yeah! That’s what I commented in ur blog.
    Welcome here!
    Commenting at 1.25 a.m OMG wht u told is rite. u r online 24/7 8)
    Keep visiting n thanks for the blogroll..

  2. Good to know about you. You have really interesting facts especially travelling coz i luv it as well nomatter even if hav to travell a million miles.

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