Representing myself

Balaji R
L.K.G ‘D’ Sec

Balaji R
VI ‘F’ Sec

Balaji R
XI ‘ A’ Sec

Balaji R
I Year I.T ‘A’

Balaji R
Final I.T ‘A’

This is how I represented myself in my notebook during my school/college education. And now?..

Balaji R
Emp ID: XXX09

Representing myself again in a notebook even after entering into corporate life! ‘Coz learning again. I’m talking about my training sessions 😛 The differences from school/college teaching that I enjoyed here are, there we have bench and table, in corporate we have executive chairs and each trainee will have a system on his/her table, there guys and girls will not sit together, here you are encouraged to sit together. Of course who will say no 😛 Then we can have a 2 min break whenever we need. Just get out of training room whenever we want without getting permission from trainer. On the first day (this happens in all corporate) the trainer will ask you to address your senior employees by their name. First time I felt embarrassing, now it’s ok. Sometimes it’s good feel and sometime everything seems to be artificial. But I cop to lead this life.


9 thoughts on “Representing myself

  1. good luck dude..
    i am waiting for my emp no. too ..
    no sgns of joining.. 😦
    sitting with a girl ?? 😀
    enjoy ..i used to sit during my school days ..
    after coming to college my life changed . 😀

  2. Oh its nice to see u enjoying ur training session with girls 😉
    >> he trainer will ask you to address your senior employees by their name. First time I felt embarrassing
    Keep posting more 🙂

  3. @Tweety
    Why everyone are misunderstood that am enjoying training juz ‘coz sitting with girls!! Actually it’s a kind of enjoyment 😛 but lot of assignments and assessments have to get through everything 😦 not possible to enjoy to that extent.
    Will post more soon 🙂

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