Hard worker – 2

Use and throw water cup in our training room. One of my colleagues used it and made it as awesome cup with such beautiful paintings! When trainer was concentrating on a trainee she started using the marker and drawn painting. We all(including the trainer) watched silently that what she gonna do! Finally after she finised it the trainer scolded and after seen the cup he applauded πŸ˜› I thought to took a snap while she drawing itself but not possible 😦 If i publised that it would become picture like the one in my previous post. ‘Coz everyone silently watched without knowin that she concentrated on drawing πŸ˜› So I got that cup and took some snaps after that. Wow! really such an amazing painting. I particularly like that bird which she had drawn inside the cup. It’s very difficult to draw inside but that drawing was awesome isn’t it? Remember that all snaps published here are different angle of single cup!!!


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