Virus Attack!!!


Well, this post is not about any new virus spreading/attack in internet. It’s about a funny conversation happened in a computer hardware store. This is the shop where I bought my system and I always go there to buy all kinda computer peripherals recently I went there to buy a 4gb pendrive/thumb drive. At that time another guy who’s working in a private bank came to buy a pendrive. Computer vendor asked the storage details of the pendrive and shown him a kingston pendrive. You know nowadays thumb drives are manufactured without lid type as push and pull the hard silver edge. This guy after seen this pen drive told “Hey I need a thumb drive with lid else viruses will go inside!! Don’t you know this” πŸ˜† The vendor and me controlled our laugh and the vendor tried to explain the fact but, that guy didn’t accepted and then he gave him thumb drive with lid. Me and my computer vendor laughed for long time after he left the shop.


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