Rewind & Forward

Happy New Year everyone! Came to blogging after a very long time. No net, time to write my blog and read your posts. I really regret for that. 2008 was very good and very bad year for me πŸ˜‰ I accomplished a lot and lost most valuable thing in my life. I joined in my first job enjoyed a lot in my final sem of college life after flying out from college lot of sad incidents happened. I think am boring my readers πŸ˜›

Well talk about 2009. Hope everyone enjoyed New Year a lot. I wish this New Year bring lot of happiness and let all our dreams and wishes come true. I had New Year beginning with my colleagues at my office. As I’m in night shits I had to be in office on that day. My friends in Chennai had good party here. There is a new rule in act in TASMAC(Wines Shop) that shops should be closed at 10 p.m which was previously 11 p.m and you people want to know the results?? Check out!!

Where’s the party? πŸ˜›


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