Gimme more!!

I have received fwd mails from my friends about the fun happen with customers during technical support. Initially I thought that these are just created by some one for fun. But as I’m working in tech support I came to know and realized by myself. Believe me friends these are absolutely true. Everyday we’ll have such customers. Most of the customers are like this. I don’t want to tell you from some one else exp. The following are the funny conversation that happened in mine and my friends calls. These are happened exactly. Enjoy..


Tech: Click on start and click on my computer

Cust: Wait!! HowΒ can I click on your computer??

Tech: ?!?!?! πŸ˜†


Tech: What is the model no of the router?
Cust: It says Made in china
Tech: πŸ™„

Call 3:

Tech: Do you know how to scan the wireless and connect?
Cust: Yes I will do wait for some time
Tech: (after 1 min) Have u done that?
Cust: Wait it’s scanning…..
Tech: (after 5 min) What happened?
Cust: wait it’s done. Yep I got it
Tech: What did you get?
Cust:Β 0 viruses found!!
Tech: OMG!! πŸ˜›


Tech: How may i assist u??

Cust: i have a router and i want to configure my router.

Tech: Dont worry i will assist u…. r u in front of your router??

Tech: No i am in front of the Swmming pool. i came for a party. Can u make my router to work online. it is a wireless router.

Tech: ….. ha ha ha ha………(mute) sure πŸ˜†


Tech: Minimize the window

Cust: What do you mean? It’s a brand new Laptop I can’t minimize it

Tech: πŸ™„


Tech: What is the operating system on your Laptop?

Cust:Β  It’s a Toshiba


This call about wireless USB adapter which we can plug in USB port of the computer cust not able to connect wirelessly using that adapter

Cust: I can’t connect to the internet wirelessly

Tech: Try connecting the adapter in different USB ports of the computer

Cust : I did, Nothing happened

Tech: Did you tried all the available ports?

Cust: Yes, only one port remaining which is on my back

Tech: 😳

More than this happened.Β  But this is what I remember

In the same time we have some customers who are more friendly, tech savvy and more flexible to us. They follow the instructions exactly and co operate with us to solve the issue right away. If you resolve their issue some times they will shout in Joy and even say ‘ I love you’ .Β  Lot of frustration and fun everyday!! πŸ˜›


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