Balaji XP


Today is my first anniversary of my corporate life. 08/08/08 is when my corporate life started. Today 08/09/09 I’m sticking in the same company and almost like a mad. Well after providing technical support to dumb customers I became mad. I had some issues in my laptop (I bought a new laptop  by the way 😛 ) speakers some month before, so reinstalled driver and it worked fine.  Then last month again no sound from my laptop speakers I checked all settings, restarted the laptop and checked still the same. Then I decided to reinstalled drivers and while reinstalling I noticed my small mobile head phone is connected to the laptop which caused everything 😛 Adapavi balaji ipdi ayitiye….. 😳 I scolded myself and laughed.

Three days before myself with my roommates shifted our home to a new home. It’s good a big house with 2 bedrooms. We have plans to cook by ourselves 🙄  Now I’m in job hunt, looking for a better change.


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