Rottikallu tour

Finally I got some time to write this post. Myself with my colleagues went to Rottikallu a resort in western ghats of Karnataka. We have started from chennai on February 12 night, by train and reached Bangalore on Feb 13  morning . From Bangalore we started in a cab. It took around 5 hours from Bangalore to Rottikallu. In the meanwhile we had breakfast in a Highway hotel. Reached rottikallu around 11.30 a.m. Roads from sakleshpur to Rottikallu was very bad. Nearly 1okms there was no road.

The climate was moderate. We started with some  water sports? which was like playing in a Jungle river. Then a small trekking(my first time) to check out the sunset. But clouds spread and hide the beautiful scene. Next day we went for a 12km(up & down) trekking. The thrill was when we get down. The path was awesome! It is like a jungle where small  water stream was flowing with the dense forest. Excellent experience! Then we went to a waterfall which was 30 mins travel from Rottikallu. We played cricket(me after a longggg time), volley ball, some unnamed funny sports which we discovered 😛 Then we had campfire with some weird and funny games we played and our typical antakshari with some snacks and drinks 🙄 Lot of fun with the mixture of songs.

Next day (Feb 15) we left Rottikallu and started to historical temple Belur and Halibedu temple. Belur temple was built in 16th century and such incredible sculptures. Wow! the work was amazing! There are sculptures with men and women with dresses that we worn today considering it as modern 😉 There was a sculpture in a war field  two men(I forget whom) fighting both of them Holding bow with arrows, you can see that in one of the pictures here. When he send one arrow it turns into multiple arrows and attacks the enemy. This is what we do in graphics and they did in 16th century which shows it may be real.  This temple  has a prototype which they built before they built the main temple. Halibedu temple was 60% destroyed  before independence but it was beautifully maintained with lawns. But still hold some beautiful sculptures. We started to Bangalore to Chennai on Feb 15 night and reached chennai on Feb 16 morning.

Ithu thaan doctor nadanthathu!? 😛


9 thoughts on “Rottikallu tour

  1. We friends are planning a trip to Rottilkalu and it was fun reading your blog, nice, funny yet captivating writing. Kudos!!!!

  2. Hi,

    We are 20 members planning to go to rottikallu. Let me know the pricing details at rottikullu ( per day stay ).


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  4. The Place is excellent & the food too. But NOT YOUR SERVICE! We had visited last weekend but were dissatisfied with the service. Hope they understand the term “HOME STAY” which means that we should get the “Feel @ home” feeling. They cannot dictate terms about what time we can have our food and thats not the way “Home Stays” work…Food has to be supplied to the respective cottages and not served like a hotel.. You can rename your resort as “Rotti SAGAR” like the “SAGARs” in Bangalor
    The place is not for Stags/bachelors/corporate parties at all….Only suitable for couples/families…

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