A love tale

He approached her. She said ‘No. Sister loved a guy, went into lot of problems. So parents will not accept’. He said ‘let us be friends’. She accepted that. Slowly Friendship became love. She accepted that she is in love with him. But afraid about parents. He said that they can convince them not a problem. Love and more love, lot of sms, phone calls. After a month she sent a SMS as it is not possible they should be parted. He tried again, she came back and went back. And suddenly some day she got married. He don’t know what to do. He is trying to forget everything and started to concentrate on his career.

Is this the story of Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaaya or VTV ? Well, the movie also got the same story 😉 The story of VTV is very simple. This will be the story in many peoples life. But the way Gautam directed was amazing. He is best in the way of directing love scenes in his movies. The songs and BG score by AR Rahuman adds more value to the movie. Awesome music!!! Manoj the cinematographer was excellent in his angles. Simbhu and Trisha acted so well. After a long time I have seen such a nice romantic movie! This story seems Gautam’s true love story. I don’t know how many such stories he have 😛 Coz he said vaaranam ayiram is his  life story. But the character Simbu played in VTV resembles Gautam. Anyway gautam you are added in my Fav list. Congrats! 🙂

I never wrote about any movie/movie reviews in my blog before. The first few lines in Prem’s review about VTV made me to watch the movie and now I have written a small review. Thanks Prem 🙂



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