My new addiction

There are lot of things which everyone wish to do in their life right from childhood. Not everything would be possible. There are lot such things for me too. One of them is I always wanted to learn a musical instrument. Never had and created an opportunity for that.

Last month, visited one of my brother’s friend home and found a Guitar there. Just lifted it and tried playing. Wow! the sound was good and it’s weightless.  I loved it. Then seriously searched for a music school and found one with a well experienced master nearby by residence at Chennai.

After a month of class, I bought my own Spanish acoustic guitar which is on the top of this post.  Once I brought that to my room, my friends and room mates took it and played the guitar  like all other instruments apart from a guitar. They played it as a Piano,Sitar,Veena and some weird positions too 😀   It’s been two months  am learning Guitar. It’s nice and not that easy 😛 For making the initial learning easy, master will teach to play primary school rhymes.  Twinkle Twinkle was the first one I played, then Mary had a little a Lamb, Row Row a boat, Lightly row(which I haven’t heard) Yankee doodle, Jack n Jill were learnt. My friends are teasing when I play these rhymes and telling some innovative and funny reasons which I never thought of to play these rhymes 🙄

Looking forward to learn and play more music which others can really listen to 🙂


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