Denial of US Visa at Chennai

Good opportunities are rare and not everyone get it. When you get such a rare opportunity you will fly in air, actually to fly in air for the first time 🙂 I got one such opportunity to go to US for a short period officially. Prepared for a week to get all those documents needed during the interview. Disturbed my friend by calling a lot of times to know more about the interview process and docs preparation. Because he attended the interview recently and cleared it. That was a L1 and I have applied for B1. Everyone said getting B1 was not a tough job. Only L1 will get denied lot of times. Having said that lot of B1 visas of my colleagues were rejected in recent times. But I got all the documents pukka.

Interview was on last Friday 22 October. It was a beautiful morning ( getting into movie effect 😉 ) 11.45 was the time for the interview. When I started at 10.50 from my room found my signature was missing in my offer letter photo copy. So ran to a shop near by bus stop which had no power(fate started from there) then ran into another shop thankfully got the copy there. Now everything is ready.

Started to US Consulate in bus and reached there at 11.30. Fortunately no queue was outside the Consulate. Went inside and appeared for the finger print process and went for the interview. A big fat American guy with bow tie called me for the interview. Greeted each other and he started asking me the basic questions like why I want to go US, what am doing, how long I will be there, My salary, Experience, about my company. Before I complete any answer he was shooting the next question. To my surprise he have not checked any of my documents, not even one.

Suddenly he took a white sheet and said ” According the law 214 (b) I cannot give you visa” I was shocked and said “Wait give me an exact reason to deny” and this guy was talking about ‘Ties’  I do not have strong ties in India, I’m single, I may get settled in US, financially blah blah…. I was blank and said ” I will be there for a week  and…. ” He said the same words again. That’s it.

Who the hell want that 214(b) law? This is ridiculous. This guy planned to deny my visa application once he started the interview, just for a sake asked questions. We do not have any other option to change his decision. This is not fair, B1 visa costs 7k to apply and we do not have any option to escalate this to someone and explain our application is valid. This is B1 and I heard that L1 costs 25k to apply. Interview was just 2-3 minutes and he judged that I’m not eligible to go. This guy said one of the reasons as I’m single. Dude, do you want to me to loose my freedom just to get a US visa? 😉

Visa applications are getting denied more at Chennai US Visa consulate more than any other consulate in India. Thanks for the support and tweet by my Senior Thiruppathi

I was about to ask this to the guy who interviewed me ” Enga ooruku vanthu ukkanthu kitu yengala poha kudathunu solra, ne yenna avlo periya appataker ah? illa avlo periya appataker nu kekuren” 😛  It’s time to read some bharathiyar oops, it’s Maruthakasi (Thanks Jana)  poems to make myself cool 🙂

என்ன  வளம் இல்லை  இந்த  திரு  நாட்டில்
ஏன்  கையை  ஏந்த  வேண்டும்  வெளிநாட்டில்


14 thoughts on “Denial of US Visa at Chennai

  1. Bala, Thanks for sharing!!

    Don’t feel. You have the ability to go.

    Small correction, the below lines are not written by Mahakavi. It is Maruthakasi.

    “என்ன வளம் இல்லை இந்த திரு நாட்டில்
    ஏன் கையை ஏந்த வேண்டும் வெளிநாட்டில்”

    But Bharathi oppose them(foreigners) in India as below!

    ஆயிரம் உண்டிங்கு சாதி,
    எனில் அன்னியர் வந்து புகலென்ன நீதி!

    (Summa enakkum theruyadu, bookla than parthen:) )

  2. Hi,

    I am the one, among the denied employee.

    Its not that we are not eligible. Its the nasty decision by the Embassy within few minutes.

    Spoken to Admin Team and hope that our Admin Team would do some needful, in near future. We are denied for Visa consistently for 4-5 members and it is continuing. You have might have posted this in the Blog or Discussion, so that our entire office would listen to this conversation.

    Lets hope for the Best in the next time.


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  5. Dude i had your same experience..i……i don’t know why they rejected …this is bull shit..only 3 minutes interview …all my documents are OK ,but he didn’t want to see that…..NOW i took a decision i don’t want to go to US …….

    One day India will be the super power ,then we need to reject all of them from entering to our country…..i am going to UAE

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