The Happiness Engineer Journey

It’s been 3 years of my career as a Happiness Engineer or Support Engineer. Never wanted to be one. To put it straight and I never know that there is a job profile like this exist.  During each part of education my ambition(that’s a wrong word)  differed, wanted to become a IAS officer during school days(I know you would laugh, so am I while writing),  Once entered college, wanted to be in designing, animation, multimedia & site building, guitarist, drummer, singer and a Entrepreneur(Oh yeah!).  Each of them are in different proportions.

Got into a job through campus placement as a  Technical Support Engineer. What I got? Handle home users around the globe to help them get connected to the internet using wired/wireless networking devices. If you’re a regular reader of Awesome Life you might have read that how hard it was . I never thought that I will work in such a worst working environment.  Do you know that you need to get permission even if you wanna get into loo  :roll:   They will calculate every second as a break time. On the positive side, I had got excellent learning environment for communication skills, basic networking skills and most important stuff is about customer care. People in US give so much importance to customer care. If you would have called a US tech support, you will rate tech support/customer care in India as nothing.

After a year of hardship, got into second job.  Ever since I started reading about ‘The Google Story’ I love so much about how Google was started and innovation they have made. Their amazing and awesome working environment is every employee would dream to work with. I’m no exception for that.  It’s been more than 2 years of career in my second company. I have an incredibly awesome working environment here. Performing pretty well and paid well too.

Still, something is missing in life. How great life will be if we have a button to change the career whenever we want without any harm!! Well, If you get whatever you want then life will not be that much interesting I guess. The journey and the quest continues….

Stay Hungry! Stay Foolish!

4 thoughts on “The Happiness Engineer Journey

  1. வாழ்த்துக்கள்!

    “Once entered college, wanted to be in designing, animation, multimedia” – I know. என்னா சேட்டை ;)

  2. The quest for that “something” is what keeps life interesting. On Switching jobs, don’t prefer to switch as long as it keeps you satisfied both in terms of monetary & skill set.

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