Gulf Travelogue

After US was rejected, Dubai got the great opportunity to say yes to me.Β  Last year October I went to Dubai for a week, an official trip. That was my first abroad trip and first time travel in Wright brothers invention. I have never been traveled out of south India. So this was a really excited and interesting trip. We are team of 10 guys reached Dubai. Thankfully I got some interesting guys as my roommates.

After we got down, and started to Hotel from Airport I was surprised to see everything, For me the thoughts was like Dubai will have some tall buildings and all. But the city, traffic and everything was like well developed and what you call it as a super power country. The well maintained government and private taxis which lookΒ  alike with beautifully designed(or advertised) car exteriors. As Goundamani says AC – yo – AC everywhere. AC in Bus stops, watchman room and even in rest rooms. Because of the hot temperature, which is the only worst thing in this country you would say.

Beautifully maintained lawns in road sides. If I have to show such a place something in Chennai, from what I’ve see so far is, DLF IT park where I work. The traffic system, man I’ve seen it onlyΒ  in movies. Vehicles slows down for pedestrians and always gives importance to pedestrians. If the signal is red, all vehicles will stop before 3ft of stop line. All because of strict traffic rules and people obeys it. Else you have to pay a lot and will get points for every violation.

My roommate got a friend there, so with the help of him I was able to visit some great places that includes some exotic Night clubs :P, Abu Dhabi. Also went to the Desert Safari which I recommend as ‘Do not miss it’ if you go to Dubai. Desert Safari is a great package which includes safari ride in desert, Quad bike, camel ride, belly dance with awesome Arabian dinner. All in the desert. Beach, where people come at morning with stuffs to cook food and spends a whole day there. Wow, that’s a life. Even though it was just 7 days trip It was unforgettable.

To my surprise I got another opportunity to travel to Gulf on last week, and this time it is Qatar and I got to travel alone. That’s also somewhat interesting. Again a short trip, just for 5 days. Here I was not able to explore more places, because of no company and don’t know any people. I heard about this Pearl Qatar and people said it will be very good place to see. I missed to see Palm houses at Dubai, these houses at Dubai was just awesome, each house has a swimming pool, and when you come at just outside each house, you have the beach. Take a look at these pictures of Palm tree houses at Dubai. So I don’t want to miss this at Qatar. I hired a taxi and got down and this place. Well, I really do not aware of where I was standing, so walked around enjoyed to see the stuffs around there, took some pictures. Came back to hotel, checked Google maps to find out where exactly I was standing and roaming. Ok I was there and seen the houses built above the sea water by filling sands.

One thing which is common in both Dubai and Qatar, you can hardly find the local people. Most of the people living there are from Asia and Africa. Well at least I have found more local people at Qatar than Dubai, but for my work related activities I have only talked to Asian people. Most of them are from India, specially from Kerala(man they have contract with these Gulf countries or what), Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Philippines and Africa. These Gulf guys will never be an employee, they will only be an employer it seems. You can never find a taxi driver who is a citizen of Dubai or Qatar. It seems this is same in all the Gulf countries.

I was just amazed and could just dream for such a life at India some day. At least the roads and traffic.


Moving on!!


Life is moving in its own way. Awesome Life was in hibernate mode for a very long time than before πŸ˜› Well I graduated as engineer πŸ™„ on April 2nd during the graduation day held at my college. My orkut friends might have seen the pictures in my album. Now am one of the vetti engineers among the 1.5l engineers passed out last year πŸ˜†Β  It was great to meet all my friends back in college after a long year that’s really a good feeling. Really missing those sweet college days 😦

Apart from that myself and a team of friends have started a new site it’s all about career guidance and counseling. Do visit and send your valuable feed back here.Β  Since I’m concentrating more on that site, not able to post anything here. Have to read all your blogs and comment ASAP πŸ˜›

Rewind & Forward

Happy New Year everyone! Came to blogging after a very long time. No net, time to write my blog and read your posts. I really regret for that. 2008 was very good and very bad year for me πŸ˜‰ I accomplished a lot and lost most valuable thing in my life. I joined in my first job enjoyed a lot in my final sem of college life after flying out from college lot of sad incidents happened. I think am boring my readers πŸ˜›

Well talk about 2009. Hope everyone enjoyed New Year a lot. I wish this New Year bring lot of happiness and let all our dreams and wishes come true. I had New Year beginning with my colleagues at my office. As I’m in night shits I had to be in office on that day. My friends in Chennai had good party here. There is a new rule in act in TASMAC(Wines Shop) that shops should be closed at 10 p.m which was previously 11 p.m and you people want to know the results?? Check out!!

Where’s the party? πŸ˜›

Virus Attack!!!


Well, this post is not about any new virus spreading/attack in internet. It’s about a funny conversation happened in a computer hardware store. This is the shop where I bought my system and I always go there to buy all kinda computer peripherals recently I went there to buy a 4gb pendrive/thumb drive. At that time another guy who’s working in a private bank came to buy a pendrive. Computer vendor asked the storage details of the pendrive and shown him a kingston pendrive. You know nowadays thumb drives are manufactured without lid type as push and pull the hard silver edge. This guy after seen this pen drive told “Hey I need a thumb drive with lid else viruses will go inside!! Don’t you know this” πŸ˜† The vendor and me controlled our laugh and the vendor tried to explain the fact but, that guy didn’t accepted and then he gave him thumb drive with lid. Me and my computer vendor laughed for long time after he left the shop.

Hard worker – 2

Use and throw water cup in our training room. One of my colleagues used it and made it as awesome cup with such beautiful paintings! When trainer was concentrating on a trainee she started using the marker and drawn painting. We all(including the trainer) watched silently that what she gonna do! Finally after she finised it the trainer scolded and after seen the cup he applauded πŸ˜› I thought to took a snap while she drawing itself but not possible 😦 If i publised that it would become picture like the one in my previous post. ‘Coz everyone silently watched without knowin that she concentrated on drawing πŸ˜› So I got that cup and took some snaps after that. Wow! really such an amazing painting. I particularly like that bird which she had drawn inside the cup. It’s very difficult to draw inside but that drawing was awesome isn’t it? Remember that all snaps published here are different angle of single cup!!!