2010 in review

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Denial of US Visa at Chennai

Good opportunities are rare and not everyone get it. When you get such a rare opportunity you will fly in air, actually to fly in air for the first time 🙂 I got one such opportunity to go to US for a short period officially. Prepared for a week to get all those documents needed during the interview. Disturbed my friend by calling a lot of times to know more about the interview process and docs preparation. Because he attended the interview recently and cleared it. That was a L1 and I have applied for B1. Everyone said getting B1 was not a tough job. Only L1 will get denied lot of times. Having said that lot of B1 visas of my colleagues were rejected in recent times. But I got all the documents pukka.

Interview was on last Friday 22 October. It was a beautiful morning ( getting into movie effect 😉 ) 11.45 was the time for the interview. When I started at 10.50 from my room found my signature was missing in my offer letter photo copy. So ran to a shop near by bus stop which had no power(fate started from there) then ran into another shop thankfully got the copy there. Now everything is ready.

Started to US Consulate in bus and reached there at 11.30. Fortunately no queue was outside the Consulate. Went inside and appeared for the finger print process and went for the interview. A big fat American guy with bow tie called me for the interview. Greeted each other and he started asking me the basic questions like why I want to go US, what am doing, how long I will be there, My salary, Experience, about my company. Before I complete any answer he was shooting the next question. To my surprise he have not checked any of my documents, not even one.

Suddenly he took a white sheet and said ” According the law 214 (b) I cannot give you visa” I was shocked and said “Wait give me an exact reason to deny” and this guy was talking about ‘Ties’  I do not have strong ties in India, I’m single, I may get settled in US, financially blah blah…. I was blank and said ” I will be there for a week  and…. ” He said the same words again. That’s it.

Who the hell want that 214(b) law? This is ridiculous. This guy planned to deny my visa application once he started the interview, just for a sake asked questions. We do not have any other option to change his decision. This is not fair, B1 visa costs 7k to apply and we do not have any option to escalate this to someone and explain our application is valid. This is B1 and I heard that L1 costs 25k to apply. Interview was just 2-3 minutes and he judged that I’m not eligible to go. This guy said one of the reasons as I’m single. Dude, do you want to me to loose my freedom just to get a US visa? 😉

Visa applications are getting denied more at Chennai US Visa consulate more than any other consulate in India. Thanks for the support and tweet by my Senior Thiruppathi

I was about to ask this to the guy who interviewed me ” Enga ooruku vanthu ukkanthu kitu yengala poha kudathunu solra, ne yenna avlo periya appataker ah? illa avlo periya appataker nu kekuren” 😛  It’s time to read some bharathiyar oops, it’s Maruthakasi (Thanks Jana)  poems to make myself cool 🙂

என்ன  வளம் இல்லை  இந்த  திரு  நாட்டில்
ஏன்  கையை  ஏந்த  வேண்டும்  வெளிநாட்டில்

Friendship day wishes to everybuddy ;)

Happy friendship day to all. I was in a very good mood last week and this friendship day will add more reasons to celebrate. So let’s party 🙂

One of my friends got an email from a customer like this

” I called you people several times. But why nobuddy responding”   LOL 😀

So just thought of changing everybody as everybuddy 😛 Hope you all like that.

My new addiction

There are lot of things which everyone wish to do in their life right from childhood. Not everything would be possible. There are lot such things for me too. One of them is I always wanted to learn a musical instrument. Never had and created an opportunity for that.

Last month, visited one of my brother’s friend home and found a Guitar there. Just lifted it and tried playing. Wow! the sound was good and it’s weightless.  I loved it. Then seriously searched for a music school and found one with a well experienced master nearby by residence at Chennai.

After a month of class, I bought my own Spanish acoustic guitar which is on the top of this post.  Once I brought that to my room, my friends and room mates took it and played the guitar  like all other instruments apart from a guitar. They played it as a Piano,Sitar,Veena and some weird positions too 😀   It’s been two months  am learning Guitar. It’s nice and not that easy 😛 For making the initial learning easy, master will teach to play primary school rhymes.  Twinkle Twinkle was the first one I played, then Mary had a little a Lamb, Row Row a boat, Lightly row(which I haven’t heard) Yankee doodle, Jack n Jill were learnt. My friends are teasing when I play these rhymes and telling some innovative and funny reasons which I never thought of to play these rhymes 🙄

Looking forward to learn and play more music which others can really listen to 🙂

Children and their fun

You might have wondered the presence of mind, memory power and how fast the children catch the things happening around them. I have experienced many times these things from my niece and nephew.

I remember the difficulty I felt to memorize one or two poems during my 6th grade 🙄  Now my niece who is in L.K.G recites 14 poems(includes English, Tamil, Hindi) continuously. They do not find it difficult. Sometimes they will play by standing in a table. When I said be careful and the reply is ” Risk edukarathu ellam enakku rusk sapdra mathri ” 😛  My sister always wonders about  their conversation in English with their friends. It was very funny and nice to see them conversing in English. One day while I talk to them over phone, I asked “Enna panra” and she said “Phone pesitu irukken” 😆

My nephew who is just 2.5 years old is very naughty and funny. Few days before while I was talking to him over phone.

Me : Dei enna panra?
Nephew:  Dei! mama… Dei solla koodathu thappu…
Me: ?!?! 🙄

(At the end of the call)
Me: Ok say Good night.
Nephew: Ok bye! Good Night! Fine. Thank you. see you…

It is always fun to talk to them. I’m wondering what I did in my childhood.

A love tale

He approached her. She said ‘No. Sister loved a guy, went into lot of problems. So parents will not accept’. He said ‘let us be friends’. She accepted that. Slowly Friendship became love. She accepted that she is in love with him. But afraid about parents. He said that they can convince them not a problem. Love and more love, lot of sms, phone calls. After a month she sent a SMS as it is not possible they should be parted. He tried again, she came back and went back. And suddenly some day she got married. He don’t know what to do. He is trying to forget everything and started to concentrate on his career.

Is this the story of Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaaya or VTV ? Well, the movie also got the same story 😉 The story of VTV is very simple. This will be the story in many peoples life. But the way Gautam directed was amazing. He is best in the way of directing love scenes in his movies. The songs and BG score by AR Rahuman adds more value to the movie. Awesome music!!! Manoj the cinematographer was excellent in his angles. Simbhu and Trisha acted so well. After a long time I have seen such a nice romantic movie! This story seems Gautam’s true love story. I don’t know how many such stories he have 😛 Coz he said vaaranam ayiram is his  life story. But the character Simbu played in VTV resembles Gautam. Anyway gautam you are added in my Fav list. Congrats! 🙂

I never wrote about any movie/movie reviews in my blog before. The first few lines in Prem’s review about VTV made me to watch the movie and now I have written a small review. Thanks Prem 🙂


Rottikallu tour

Finally I got some time to write this post. Myself with my colleagues went to Rottikallu a resort in western ghats of Karnataka. We have started from chennai on February 12 night, by train and reached Bangalore on Feb 13  morning . From Bangalore we started in a cab. It took around 5 hours from Bangalore to Rottikallu. In the meanwhile we had breakfast in a Highway hotel. Reached rottikallu around 11.30 a.m. Roads from sakleshpur to Rottikallu was very bad. Nearly 1okms there was no road.

The climate was moderate. We started with some  water sports? which was like playing in a Jungle river. Then a small trekking(my first time) to check out the sunset. But clouds spread and hide the beautiful scene. Next day we went for a 12km(up & down) trekking. The thrill was when we get down. The path was awesome! It is like a jungle where small  water stream was flowing with the dense forest. Excellent experience! Then we went to a waterfall which was 30 mins travel from Rottikallu. We played cricket(me after a longggg time), volley ball, some unnamed funny sports which we discovered 😛 Then we had campfire with some weird and funny games we played and our typical antakshari with some snacks and drinks 🙄 Lot of fun with the mixture of songs.

Next day (Feb 15) we left Rottikallu and started to historical temple Belur and Halibedu temple. Belur temple was built in 16th century and such incredible sculptures. Wow! the work was amazing! There are sculptures with men and women with dresses that we worn today considering it as modern 😉 There was a sculpture in a war field  two men(I forget whom) fighting both of them Holding bow with arrows, you can see that in one of the pictures here. When he send one arrow it turns into multiple arrows and attacks the enemy. This is what we do in graphics and they did in 16th century which shows it may be real.  This temple  has a prototype which they built before they built the main temple. Halibedu temple was 60% destroyed  before independence but it was beautifully maintained with lawns. But still hold some beautiful sculptures. We started to Bangalore to Chennai on Feb 15 night and reached chennai on Feb 16 morning.

Ithu thaan doctor nadanthathu!? 😛