What should I blog about?

I’ve been asking this question to myself for very long time. This is a good idea to post 😉 Well, that’s finally become a post. When I checked my archives, I’ve posted interesting things happened around me during my school, college and corporate life.

People like it reading them and some of them even ask why I have stopped blogging(I really got some fans, good to hear 😛 ) It doesn’t mean that nothing interesting happening. Something I really felt to blog haven’t happened. After Facebook’s revolution now everything is transparent. Whatever you write about, everyone reads that. People whom you never met which FB suggests as friends 🙄 , Friends of Friends, visitors via Re-tweet will read that. So you got to know what you are writing.

I can write something which am interested about. Something about good music, stuffs I read about, some tech stuffs. I really have to spend some more time reading more and more. I’m missing it by getting stuck into FB 😦 I don’t read things which are really long. Unless which is very important or which impress me to read further.  At least am tweeting some what frequently.

So what am trying to say here is am gonna read more, and try to write more in blog(I heard the latter a lot of times 😛 ). okay finally finished a new post.


Denial of US Visa at Chennai

Good opportunities are rare and not everyone get it. When you get such a rare opportunity you will fly in air, actually to fly in air for the first time 🙂 I got one such opportunity to go to US for a short period officially. Prepared for a week to get all those documents needed during the interview. Disturbed my friend by calling a lot of times to know more about the interview process and docs preparation. Because he attended the interview recently and cleared it. That was a L1 and I have applied for B1. Everyone said getting B1 was not a tough job. Only L1 will get denied lot of times. Having said that lot of B1 visas of my colleagues were rejected in recent times. But I got all the documents pukka.

Interview was on last Friday 22 October. It was a beautiful morning ( getting into movie effect 😉 ) 11.45 was the time for the interview. When I started at 10.50 from my room found my signature was missing in my offer letter photo copy. So ran to a shop near by bus stop which had no power(fate started from there) then ran into another shop thankfully got the copy there. Now everything is ready.

Started to US Consulate in bus and reached there at 11.30. Fortunately no queue was outside the Consulate. Went inside and appeared for the finger print process and went for the interview. A big fat American guy with bow tie called me for the interview. Greeted each other and he started asking me the basic questions like why I want to go US, what am doing, how long I will be there, My salary, Experience, about my company. Before I complete any answer he was shooting the next question. To my surprise he have not checked any of my documents, not even one.

Suddenly he took a white sheet and said ” According the law 214 (b) I cannot give you visa” I was shocked and said “Wait give me an exact reason to deny” and this guy was talking about ‘Ties’  I do not have strong ties in India, I’m single, I may get settled in US, financially blah blah…. I was blank and said ” I will be there for a week  and…. ” He said the same words again. That’s it.

Who the hell want that 214(b) law? This is ridiculous. This guy planned to deny my visa application once he started the interview, just for a sake asked questions. We do not have any other option to change his decision. This is not fair, B1 visa costs 7k to apply and we do not have any option to escalate this to someone and explain our application is valid. This is B1 and I heard that L1 costs 25k to apply. Interview was just 2-3 minutes and he judged that I’m not eligible to go. This guy said one of the reasons as I’m single. Dude, do you want to me to loose my freedom just to get a US visa? 😉

Visa applications are getting denied more at Chennai US Visa consulate more than any other consulate in India. Thanks for the support and tweet by my Senior Thiruppathi

I was about to ask this to the guy who interviewed me ” Enga ooruku vanthu ukkanthu kitu yengala poha kudathunu solra, ne yenna avlo periya appataker ah? illa avlo periya appataker nu kekuren” 😛  It’s time to read some bharathiyar oops, it’s Maruthakasi (Thanks Jana)  poems to make myself cool 🙂

என்ன  வளம் இல்லை  இந்த  திரு  நாட்டில்
ஏன்  கையை  ஏந்த  வேண்டும்  வெளிநாட்டில்

Looking back 2009

Well, 2009 been a great year for me.  Let me look back as what happened in 2009.

Jan/Feb/March Apart from January, other two months February, March was good. March is the month I joined a computer course and started looking for a better job. Job hunting helped me to explore the Chennai more.

April/May/June During April in our college we had graduation day! It was great to see the college and friends after a break for one year. We have worn overcoats 😛 and received our degree. Job hunting continued with more interviews more disappointments. I was frustrated with those interviews. Some organization asked to work for a low salary which is lower or equal to salary of a ATM security people getting 🙄

July/August/September Crucial time period for me in my career. I was looking for a career rather than a job. Most employers said the same dialogue ‘indru poi nalai va’ We’ll get back to you. One employer was much worse. He said I was selected and next day he said still candidates are coming and after two days he said I was rejected.  In some organizations I’ve even waited more than a month to get a response. Damn it! If you don’t want to select you have to say that directly to the candidate or you have to send an email stating as rejected. Because instead of waiting that these people will call us we can try something else.

But fortunately I got a chance to attend interview in a great organization. It was a great interview and a unique interview experience. After some 3 rounds of interview and waited for another month…. No reply from them. So thought I was rejected…

October/November/December Some day in October I was called for another 2 rounds of interview in the same company and finally announced as selected. It was one of the great times in my life. On Nov 18 I joined in my new job which has everything and event more than that I expected in a work environment.  This is what we call exceeded expectations.  The work culture which exactly suited my requirement. Everything is great now. And, today on my 23 birthday I’ve sponsored a child through Worldvision.

On this quarter I started exploring Twitter more. Really twitter is making a big impact. It becomes such a powerful social networking tool. Now it’s become a powerful marketing medium for enterprises. Most of the people are addicted to twitter like anything. Including celebrities like priyanka chopra, Genelia, Chetan bhagat(who was attacked by lot of people in twitter base on his tweets regarding pirated books)  most of the people starting and ending their day in Twitter. Starting from Good Morning tweeps to Good night Tweeps. Ivunga good night sollati yarum thoonga matangala 😛 some people tweeting almost everything they are doing! Like ‘I’m eating  food’, ‘I’m in lavatory now ‘ 😳 These people have to read this 10 things you have to stop tweeting about . OMG!! I don’t know where it’s going to end!

If you wanna check your addiction on twitter you can try this I’ve created a Toondoo about twitter addicts. Check out!

Twitter Adict

BTW this Toondoo is a great tool for people who want to create toon. The one above is I my first Toon. The site is very good and very easy to create toons. You can expect lot of such toons in my future posts.

This is what happened so far in 2009 and my life is really Awesome these days and I wish the same in the future. Alright! I wish everyone a great and happy new year ahead! 🙂

A Bachelor’s Life @ Chennai

After leading my life for a month full in a mansion I found a home with moderate rent at chennai. Thanks to Orkut. Which helped me to find my colleagues with whom I found this home and staying. Well, what am going to write in this post is somewhat similar to bachelor life at any city, as am leading it in chennai. I will write about it. After I get down at chennai I stayed in my relatives home. From there searched a place to stay. Finally got a room in a mansion. Well mansion life is good except the mansion 😛 A small room like sparrow’s nest 😉 thank god I had TV there. No problem in getting good food to eat. As it’s a mansion area we had lot of mess so close to the mansion. Then the problem is for such a small room we had to pay a huge amount as rent.

If I can describe something about that mansion room, you can just enter inside to sit in the bed and If u wanna exit from the room just get up from bed and turn back u will exit from the room. No need of taking 5 or 6 long steps to get out. Imagine the room space! 😦 Fine! traveling in chennai buses… Hmmm very difficult particularly at peak hours 🙄 screw the passengers those who traveling by standing. Train traveling was best comparing to bus. When you are new to chennai you find difficult to move places, so we have to enquire to people nearby us for bus stopping’s, route and address most of the people in chennai respond well, actually more than enough, but some people when we ask bus no. and address stares us strangely. Giving a dirty look! 😳

Well, without getting the join date from my company staying in the mansion was like hell. Eating sleeping and eating watching TV again sleeping, cycle continues 😛 . That made me to read the novel ‘The 3 mistakes of my life’ in just 3 days 😛 thing is that I had never read any novel before that. And that experience was nice anyway!! Then I found a home with an affordable rent with the help of my colleagues. Here I have to walk 2km to find a good food daily 😥 Thank god I got my friends system here with net. Feel bad of not posting any good post for the past one month 😦

Then one day when I was traveling in bike with my brother I found a garments shop named as ‘sperm’ 😆 God! How dare these people name a shop like that!!!??? As it was night time and am new to chennai I forget that area. If anyone reading here found that shop then ping me 😛 Another day when I went to chennai citi centre I had seen actress kushboo moving with her two daughters casually. It may be usual for chennai people but first time for me to see a celebrity moving very casually in a public place. None of the people were keen to talk to her or even stare at her for some time. They are moving in their way! Hmmm! So my life moving in chennai like this. Not bad. It’s sometimes interesting. Let’s see…. 🙂


Breathing the polluted air easily, hearing the horn even before the signal changes from red to green, while 5 seconds left. Spitting at your face or body easily from buses. Swimming slowly in the heavy traffic. IT company buses roaming throughout the city which is much more than city buses… Sun starring with such hottttttttness this makes me not to go out at day time. Anytime any kind of disasters can happen. I’m in Chennai 😛 Getting ready for my corporate life. Back to blogging after a long time 🙂