Weird and wonderful…!

This is how I think sometimes. Like the one happened recently while I was traveling alone from Chennai to my hometown. I have seen political parties’ advertisements in the walls of all around the city. Event though I had seen those ads several times I didn’t thought like this. I can found one thing common among all parties, and that is advertising in Tamil only. No English. Of course this will happen in all state i.e. political parties’ ads in their state language only. For making those ads readable by common people they might do this. Fine! Whatever may be the reason at least mother tongue lives there!!

While English came into all kind of scientific inventions and technologies our conversations are unavoidable in Tanglish. There are people who are struggling so hard to save my mother tongue ‘Tamil’. Recently a great show named “Tamil pechu yengal moochu” in vijay TV. Wow! Really a great show, I felt so happy to watch it, there were so many people including college students and I.T people participating enthusiastically. I heard that in Niagara Falls entrance this was written “Varuha! Vannakam!” (Welcome! Hello!) tamil has reached that much height 😛 When I was in 10th grade I had a Tamil pandit who always insist us to speak to in pure Tamil. Since then I love my mother tongue ‘tamil’ more. I can listen to your voice as “what are you trying to tell from this?” okay. All these incidents making me to tell to myself that let’s avoid English words as much as I can. But blogging in Tamil is not possible for me 😛


This was the statement told by some crazy guy “Tamiluku yethavthu aachuna I will fight for it” 😆


One tamil poet wrote this poem

“Intha Kalathu ilainharhaluku,

Tamilum Kathalum ondru than,

Veliye solla vetka padukirarhal”


That’s true.


Tagged!! 2 in 1

This time tagged by Allirekha and Vidhya Thank you both of you buddies…

So posting those two tags in this post itself. But both tags are related somewhat and also related to my previous or first tag. So I regret for repeated info ‘coz no other way… 😡

First one was from Allirekha

Eight things I am passionate about:

  1. Music… addicted to it. It makes me to feel happy, relaxed and also sleepy 😉 when I was not able to… See my left sidebar that how am enjoying music… that makes my life awesome!!
  2. My sweet system. Love it a lot.
  3. Learning new technologies and getting info about gadgets….
  4. Love to watch humor TV programs a lot.
  5. Of course! Passionate much about blogging!!
  6. Animations and creating multimedia presentations and using emoticons juz love it! 😉
  7. Traveling
  8. Dancing

Eight things I want to do before I die:

  1. To make my parents feel proud because of me…
  2. To get pagerank 10/10 for my blog (sounds too much?!?!) 😛
  3. To meet billgates, larry page and sergey brin(google founders) and steve jobs(apple founder) personally.(not in crowd)
  4. To visit Google HQ.
  5. To contribute something meaningfully to my country.
  6. To contribute an innovative idea in software industry.
  7. To become an successful entrepreneur
  8. To dance in jodi no.1!!!! 😆

Eight things I say often:

  1. mmmm or hmmm
  2. okay…
  3. adi vanga pora… (adika maten actually)
  4. Wow, awesome
  5. OMG or ada kadavule
  6. yeah
  7. any new melody or hit song at that time…(bathroom singer)
  8. my fav quote: way to be happy is to make others happy

Eight books I have read recently:

Not recently but so far…

  1. Ignited minds by Dr. APJ. Abdul Kalam

Currently trying to finish ‘The Google Story’ by David. A. Vise

Eight songs I could listen to over and over

Uhh! Eight is very few for me 😦 love almost all songs by hariharan and many other singers.

Anyway let me include the best I can remember now…

All are tamil songs except last one which is english

  1. Kanne kalai mane (film moondram pirai)
  2. katahlin keetham ondru (film – Thambiku yendha uru)
  3. vennilave vennilave (film – minsara kanavu)
  4. thalatum katre va (film – poovellam un vasam)
  5. venmegam ponagi (film – Yaradi ne moghini)
  6. Madai thiranthu (by Yogi B)
  7. Katrin mozhi (film –mozhi)
  8. As long as you love me (Backstreet boys)

Now this tag should go to Vidhya let her get confused like me for those similar tags 🙄

Here comes the second tag which I got from Vidhya

10 things I miss in my life right now:

1. My primary school life…. What a life it is!!!

2. And now my college life and friends

3. Sisters got married so no one in home to fight 😉

4. My secondary school friends…

5. Missing my cousins and other family friends. Will meet them rarely in functions….

6. Bus travel from college to home… lot of fun we had those times

7. Traveling. Simply sitting in home in these holidays due to my online training

8. Within a few week gonna miss my room, sweet system, happy home, mom and dad. Have to pack to Chennai to join in my company.

9. Some period of time I’m gonna miss blogging too… while in Chennai

10. missed many movies…due to hectic in academic 😉

10 things which I want to achieve within a decade:

This topic actually similar to eight things I want to do before I die

Hmmm…. Anyway let me not include those points here

1. To get in higher position in a corporate

2. To get a bike in my salary

3. To make my parents travel to a foreign country in my salary

4. To buy the latest gadgets instantly when it came to market.

5. To settle well in life.

6. Get more blog friends.

7. To visit Agra (for tajmahal), Singapore, Japan

8. To help the needy

9. To become a master in at least one computer language:P

10. Wanna make my room tidy 😆 I think ten years enough for me.

This tag obviously will go to Allirekha then to sahefa