Farewell Time Memories

I intended to write this as my next post(i.e after tagging post). But vidhya was faster than me. Whatever format I thought to post and stuffs was posted by her. But I have to write. It’s all about my college memories. Just few days to go. The four years of life to become an Engineer is coming to an end. Even though I didn’t enjoyed much here, due to lot of restrictions. I will say that we enjoyed lot at our own level. As everyone saying, for me too it seems just now joined in first year. You may feel bore as this is a long post. If so I regret for that in advance.


· Joined with lot of dreams and wishes in my college. With lot of rules and restrictions than any other engineering college, the first year started. Mixed branches students, new faces, new friends, the first semester went smoothly. Everything seems new. I got my best friend in this sem. Then in second sem we merged as a department. Life was cool in second sem too. We don’t have ragging in our college. So I don’t have any experience about that stuff. And strike? What’s that? We didn’t heard anything about that here…. 😉 You can able to assume the restrictions that we guys had in the college. Yep lot of rules. We were not able to enter into college after the working hours started and we were not able to get out of the college during noon or break. For everything they ask out pass. Listen to this conversation.

In first sem on the second day of college one of my friend tried to go out. In the gate the following conversation took place between the watchman and that guy,

Watchman: Thambi! enga pora? (where are u going?)
guy: Veetuku poren! Yen? (To my home?
Wman: Out pass iruka? (show me the out pass?)
guy: Apdinaa? (what do you mean by that?)
Wman: Outpass iruntha than veliya viduvom (You have to get that for going out)
guy: Athu enga kidaikum? (Where will it be?)
Wman: Unga dept office la irukum (It will available in ur department office)
guy: Yaru ta sign vanganum (To whom I have to get sign?)
Wman: HOD ta (To the HOD)
guy: Avaru yaru? enga iruparu? (Where can I find him?)
Wman: !?!?!? arggh… Unga departmentla than iruapar (In your department.)

Then the guy slowly moved inside college… That was the funny situation 😆

I got an arrear in each sem and clearing that in next sem. Starting from first sem this process continued.


· Then in second year I entered into my department building. A promotion as senior 😉 We went for IV (Industrial Visit) for the first time. There were problems in the first IV itself. There were lot of co-ordination problems and unity problems. However we managed. Wow the lab hours with tension filled (earlier days only) to submit observations and records were unforgettable. The cracks we shared during the break time between internal tests on the same day will be in memories forever. Got an arrear in third sem as usual 😛 . But first time cleared all papers in fourth sem. But the third sem paper started following me. I got some good friends in this year. That was about second year


· Third year started. And here lot of egoistic problems happened. The people whom I believed deceived me. Then I was able to understand my stupidity of believing everyone. In fifth sem I cleared all papers and that 3rd sem paper again followed me 😦 While everyone was getting ready for placements in sixth sem. I was afraid that whether I will be eligible for the placement or not. The placements started and in second company itself 16 people in my department got placed. I scared more. ‘Coz I was not able to attend those interviews due to my arrear. Then I got a chance to attend an interview but not cleared even first round. The fear and worry increased more. And the university exams started placements was somewhat over. I was not able to attend remaining companies. And during study holidays I got some more good friends. This is the time I started group study. We a gang of guys will study in one of my friend’s room. The time I was with them was really unforgettable. Our midnight walking in bus stand during study holidays and a cool chat with sip of hot tea at 1 or 2 a.m…. I’m gonna miss you guys.


· The final year came with good news for me as am eligible for attending Infy interview while still having that arrear. I tried hard to get in infy. But fate plays… I was not able to clear first round in there too. We enjoyed a lot in this sem, like not allowing the staffs to take class much. In particular to say we guys all went to kodaikanal, was really UNFORGETTABLE one. We enjoyed in such a way than in any previous time in college. Then we celebrated the batch day in somewhat a grand manner inside the class. Then on October 2 midnight finally I got placed in a Tech Support Company. Thank god. The words I face in front of my relations and some friends for not getting placed arghhh! No one will ask me those questions again..

Even though I didn’t get placed in a big corporate, I was really satisfied with that one. ‘Coz I image011.jpg only know my pain for not getting placed. At last in seventh sem results by god’s grace I cleared that third sem paper and joined in All clear list 😉 So the final semester started with the preparation of symposium. We planned to make the symposium a grand one in the history of my college and done that too. So the project works started and documentation works are going now. Everyone started getting autographs. We are all getting ready for the farewell…. It is such a fantastic and awesome final year that we are enjoying here

Well everyone after the end of college life saying that ‘I didn’t learned anything for the past 4 years’ of course me too didn’t learned anything in my academic books. But I read people, I had opportunity to spend time with people of different characters.. While everyone (including me) blaming strict rules n stuff in my college I really have to thank my college for providing such a world class infrastructure, and such a great technical support with net connection 24/7 and in all system through out the college was really helped me lot to learn many stuffs including blogging.

BTW this is the flash presentation that we played during our symposium for the final years. If you are a final year student just download it and view. You will surely like it… It will bring your memories back and may be tears. (Ignore the warning msg in yellow bar while downloading. It’s just a general warning for downloading a .exe file)

I really have to thank my all friends who helped me a lot, whenever I had a problem, whenever I got tensed, supporting me whenever I failed, talking to me even after having a fight. There should not be thanks n stuffs in friendship. But I really have to thank you all guys. The fun we had, the hurdles we faced, the victory we enjoyed. Am gonna really miss you…….


And thank you readers if you read fully 😛