Children and their fun

You might have wondered the presence of mind, memory power and how fast the children catch the things happening around them. I have experienced many times these things from my niece and nephew.

I remember the difficulty I felt to memorize one or two poems during my 6th grade 🙄  Now my niece who is in L.K.G recites 14 poems(includes English, Tamil, Hindi) continuously. They do not find it difficult. Sometimes they will play by standing in a table. When I said be careful and the reply is ” Risk edukarathu ellam enakku rusk sapdra mathri ” 😛  My sister always wonders about  their conversation in English with their friends. It was very funny and nice to see them conversing in English. One day while I talk to them over phone, I asked “Enna panra” and she said “Phone pesitu irukken” 😆

My nephew who is just 2.5 years old is very naughty and funny. Few days before while I was talking to him over phone.

Me : Dei enna panra?
Nephew:  Dei! mama… Dei solla koodathu thappu…
Me: ?!?! 🙄

(At the end of the call)
Me: Ok say Good night.
Nephew: Ok bye! Good Night! Fine. Thank you. see you…

It is always fun to talk to them. I’m wondering what I did in my childhood.


Sweet Moments

Gayathri is the sister of Badri. Gayathri is elder than badri, she’s a 9-11 year old girl and Badri is a 7-9 old boy. Both went for a singing competition. Before entering into the audition both were interviewed by the VJ. The conversation went like this.

VJ: Hai! What’s your name?
kids: Gaythri, Badri.
VJ: Coo! Badri unga akka kita unaku pidikatha visayam enna?(Which thing in ur sister u don’t like?)
Badri: Ava enna da pottu pesuva. Athu enaku suthama pidikathu……(She used to call me as ‘da’ which I don’t like)

VJ: Gayathri unaku badri kitta pidikatha visayam enna?(Which thing in ur sister u don’t like?)
Gayathri: Apdi ehuvum illa…(Nothing like that)
VJ: Badri pathiya… ipdi oru akka kidaika ne koduthu vachi irukanum!!(Badri listen, you are blessed to get a sister like this)
Badri: Ellarum apdi than solra…(Everyone telling the same thing)
VJ: mmmmm. ok. Hey Gayathri, badriya ‘Dey naye olunga paditu vada’ nu sollu..(Tell to badri as ‘hey dog sing well in the audition’)
Gayathri: (Telling to badri) Olunga paditu va da.(Hey sing carefully in the competition)
VJ: Hey! nan ‘Dey naye olunga paditu vada’ nu solla sonnen(Hey I asked u to tell like this hey dog sing well in the audition’)
Gayathri: Nan bad words use panna maten.( I never use bad words)
VJ: (In shame) !!!!!!! OK all the best for both of you.




Then Gayathri went first for audition. Unfortunately she was rejected. Came out with tears filled eyes. But not cried. Then badri went and sung the song ‘Ammavum neye! Appavuum neye!'(Tamil Song) and judges were impressed much so he was selected. Badri came out of the audition theater with the selected card and lot of smiles. His mother wished and kissed him. The tears filled eyes slowly started crying after seeing her brothers victory. Badri saw that and went near to her sister and his smiles were off after seeing her sister crying. He went near to her, hugged her and kissed in the head, wiped her tears out and asked not to cry.

Wow! that was the best awesome, sweet moment that I have seen in competition like this. Event though in the headache of preparing my project documentation this moment made me to mesmerize. What an affection these kids having… I wish that this affection should there be in their life forever.