A Bachelor’s Life @ Chennai

After leading my life for a month full in a mansion I found a home with moderate rent at chennai. Thanks to Orkut. Which helped me to find my colleagues with whom I found this home and staying. Well, what am going to write in this post is somewhat similar to bachelor life at any city, as am leading it in chennai. I will write about it. After I get down at chennai I stayed in my relatives home. From there searched a place to stay. Finally got a room in a mansion. Well mansion life is good except the mansion πŸ˜› A small room like sparrow’s nest πŸ˜‰ thank god I had TV there. No problem in getting good food to eat. As it’s a mansion area we had lot of mess so close to the mansion. Then the problem is for such a small room we had to pay a huge amount as rent.

If I can describe something about that mansion room, you can just enter inside to sit in the bed and If u wanna exit from the room just get up from bed and turn back u will exit from the room. No need of taking 5 or 6 long steps to get out. Imagine the room space! 😦 Fine! traveling in chennai buses… Hmmm very difficult particularly at peak hours πŸ™„ screw the passengers those who traveling by standing. Train traveling was best comparing to bus. When you are new to chennai you find difficult to move places, so we have to enquire to people nearby us for bus stopping’s, route and address most of the people in chennai respond well, actually more than enough, but some people when we ask bus no. and address stares us strangely. Giving a dirty look! 😳

Well, without getting the join date from my company staying in the mansion was like hell. Eating sleeping and eating watching TV again sleeping, cycle continues πŸ˜› . That made me to read the novel ‘The 3 mistakes of my life’ in just 3 days πŸ˜› thing is that I had never read any novel before that. And that experience was nice anyway!! Then I found a home with an affordable rent with the help of my colleagues. Here I have to walk 2km to find a good food daily πŸ˜₯ Thank god I got my friends system here with net. Feel bad of not posting any good post for the past one month 😦

Then one day when I was traveling in bike with my brother I found a garments shop named as ‘sperm’ πŸ˜† God! How dare these people name a shop like that!!!??? As it was night time and am new to chennai I forget that area. If anyone reading here found that shop then ping me πŸ˜› Another day when I went to chennai citi centre I had seen actress kushboo moving with her two daughters casually. It may be usual for chennai people but first time for me to see a celebrity moving very casually in a public place. None of the people were keen to talk to her or even stare at her for some time. They are moving in their way! Hmmm! So my life moving in chennai like this. Not bad. It’s sometimes interesting. Let’s see…. πŸ™‚