Rebecca Black vs Wilbur Sargunaraj

If you have not seen this viral of Rebecca Black a 13 year old girl, take a look at it here. She got huge hits(28,468,328+) and trending in twitter for her first video song ‘Friday’. Not because the song is so good, but people hate her and the song so much. Well, I love this music and this song. It might sounds hilarious with those lyrics. But I still like it 🙂

Yesterday was Thursday, Thursday
Today i-is Friday, Friday (Partyin’)
We-we-we so excited
We so excited
We gonna have a ball today

Tomorrow is Saturday
And Sunday comes after…wards
I don’t want this weekend to end

Some one in Twitter said If you like this music, you got no taste. After all music should make you feel happy, relaxed, at times should make you laugh and make you forget all your tension right? This song got something catchy.  If a 32 year old Wilbur Sargunaraj can sing so funny, makes you happy, why not a 13 year old Rebecca Black can do that? 🙄 If you read the Wilbur Sargunaraj song’s lyrics you will burst out of laugh. Even US people love him a lot, you can see them dancing with him at some of his parties. He’s so funny, make you laugh and dance. He is so popular and even featured in Wall Street Journal’s blog. He was referred as India’s Youtube star, and referring himself as simple superstar, Tamilnadu Superstar etc. This guy got lot of talents. His first song ‘Please check my blog’ is my favorite 😛 Check it out here…


My new addiction

There are lot of things which everyone wish to do in their life right from childhood. Not everything would be possible. There are lot such things for me too. One of them is I always wanted to learn a musical instrument. Never had and created an opportunity for that.

Last month, visited one of my brother’s friend home and found a Guitar there. Just lifted it and tried playing. Wow! the sound was good and it’s weightless.  I loved it. Then seriously searched for a music school and found one with a well experienced master nearby by residence at Chennai.

After a month of class, I bought my own Spanish acoustic guitar which is on the top of this post.  Once I brought that to my room, my friends and room mates took it and played the guitar  like all other instruments apart from a guitar. They played it as a Piano,Sitar,Veena and some weird positions too 😀   It’s been two months  am learning Guitar. It’s nice and not that easy 😛 For making the initial learning easy, master will teach to play primary school rhymes.  Twinkle Twinkle was the first one I played, then Mary had a little a Lamb, Row Row a boat, Lightly row(which I haven’t heard) Yankee doodle, Jack n Jill were learnt. My friends are teasing when I play these rhymes and telling some innovative and funny reasons which I never thought of to play these rhymes 🙄

Looking forward to learn and play more music which others can really listen to 🙂

A love tale

He approached her. She said ‘No. Sister loved a guy, went into lot of problems. So parents will not accept’. He said ‘let us be friends’. She accepted that. Slowly Friendship became love. She accepted that she is in love with him. But afraid about parents. He said that they can convince them not a problem. Love and more love, lot of sms, phone calls. After a month she sent a SMS as it is not possible they should be parted. He tried again, she came back and went back. And suddenly some day she got married. He don’t know what to do. He is trying to forget everything and started to concentrate on his career.

Is this the story of Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaaya or VTV ? Well, the movie also got the same story 😉 The story of VTV is very simple. This will be the story in many peoples life. But the way Gautam directed was amazing. He is best in the way of directing love scenes in his movies. The songs and BG score by AR Rahuman adds more value to the movie. Awesome music!!! Manoj the cinematographer was excellent in his angles. Simbhu and Trisha acted so well. After a long time I have seen such a nice romantic movie! This story seems Gautam’s true love story. I don’t know how many such stories he have 😛 Coz he said vaaranam ayiram is his  life story. But the character Simbu played in VTV resembles Gautam. Anyway gautam you are added in my Fav list. Congrats! 🙂

I never wrote about any movie/movie reviews in my blog before. The first few lines in Prem’s review about VTV made me to watch the movie and now I have written a small review. Thanks Prem 🙂