Mankatha – A Thala Game

Got something to blog. Alright, after a long time watched Ajith’s movie in theater. Why? Simple, got a ticket from colleague. Thala 50th movie, the hype given by Venkat Prabhu in Twitter and FB from the time the movie started – this day it got released.

Coming to the point, went for 11.30 am show. I’m not going much into story line here. Movie started with Ajith intro, a song, and then movie slowly running to loot 500 crores money which is transferred for IPL gambling. First half, – VP dragged the movie as much as he can which does not suit for any action movies like this. In intro song Ajith sings ‘Drinking too much, smoking too much’ absolutely reflects in the movie, he could have added shooting too much. PremG and Ajith comedy scenes are good even though some of them were taken from Twitter users like @kaattuvaasi  Ajith mentioning lot of hangover dialogues which is so funny and typical. Vada BinLada song was good too see in celluloid.

Second half moves somewhat faster than first half. Arjun contribution will be more in second half than first half. He suits best for the role. 4 actresses Trisha, Andrea, Lakshmi Roy, Anjali appears in this movie. But no one’s character has given importance. You can see the usage of beep sound more in second half. Climax was twisted round on me, well not very much. You can judge it if you have watched all VP movies before.

Music is good for the title song, other songs are not up to the mark. BGM is good. Too much usage of ultra slow motions could have avoided. Other than that, police dept guys(Arjun +) wearing blazers everyday, Hyderabad press reporters talking in Tamil kind of things are still continues in Tamil cinema. Cinematography is well done. Ajith looks so good and stylish in the movie, seems this was also ‘e adichan’ copy from Oceans 11 or 13 characters. Yet to see those movies to find the plagiarism.

Overall Ajith’s Anti Hero attempt, a good treat for Thala Ajith fans, and for Ajith a good 50th movie rather than a mookai 50th movie by Vijay. I really cannot say awesome, wow, fantastic, I can say this movie as ok or good. 2.5/5 will be my rating. Even though that doesn’t matters for anyone 😛

நானும் எவ்ளோ நாள் தான் ப்ளாக் எழுதாமலே இருக்குறது.