Fair Play?

This post can be well understood by students those who were studying and had studied under anna university aided engineering colleges.

Well it’s all about the results published for us on saturday(26th January) of the last semester exams. It’s a well known fact that each sem there will be drastic effect on the results. Some will be good and mostly will be against us. Now I’m talking about internal mark rule that anna univ enacted last sem. For those have not readed that here is the link that what I have wrote angrily in my college blog during last sem when that results were published. I told that internal mark rule was a stupid rule and should be canceled immediately. My god my wish got done. The rule was discarded finally that helped many students arrear results. Even guys who had more than six papers got cleared all papers including current semester.

But sad news is that in a particular paper due to some misplaced evaluation many innocent students including those who have no history of arrears got arrear. If they apply for revaluation they will surely clear the paper. Fact is, it was gone to person who doesn’t know anything about that paper. Thank god I have cleared all papers

We have to pray for not to make any other stupid rule that were seriously affecting the students results and life, and after came to realize that curses, these people will discard that. This should not happen again. If you are an affected engineering college student in these kinda of issue surely comment on this post.