School Life – 2

The difference that I told from school life 1 is….? No one guessed Huh? Fine, the thing is I did high school in a boys school 😥 named MSP. Very strict school, always working for discipline. They said like that. But guys of all kind was there.


Each class will have a specialised stick. what for? Just to beat us. Even when we are in sixth grade itself the staffs will beat wildly 😦  the funny and cruel thing is  buying the stick the money will be collected from all the students in the name of fund. And a student have to maintain the stick by carrying it home daily evening and bringing back for the next day class(Enna koduma sir ithu!!! 🙄). Even though a guys school we enjoyed a lot. Nick names for staffs, commenting them… obviously this will happen in every school right!

The staffs there were had great humor sense. No one can beat it. There was a staff in my sixth grade. very funny guy. I will tell a situation during his class. Actually this will happen in all his classes. He asks us to stand in a queue to get sign in maths note. When signing itself he will sleep and after awaking suddenly start teaching english poems 🙂 . This will also happened during normal class hours i.e. when taking science class he will sleep by hearing his own teaching and after awaking will teach english grammer 😆

Another thing we can’t get good cultural entertainment there. They won’t allow any film song to be played during annual days. ‘Coz they will spoil the students. They will speak like this. They allowed dancing for some devotional songs. Rarely allow any movie song if it does not contain any restricted word or a word that will spoil the students(according to them eg:vathikuchi song from the film dheena. is it like that?).  So a bored cultural.

The unlimited enjoyment was during our 10th grade and somewhat in 12th grade. Wow high school life is really a cool life even though there were no girls 8)