Representing myself

Balaji R
L.K.G ‘D’ Sec

Balaji R
VI ‘F’ Sec

Balaji R
XI ‘ A’ Sec

Balaji R
I Year I.T ‘A’

Balaji R
Final I.T ‘A’

This is how I represented myself in my notebook during my school/college education. And now?..

Balaji R
Emp ID: XXX09

Representing myself again in a notebook even after entering into corporate life! ‘Coz learning again. I’m talking about my training sessions 😛 The differences from school/college teaching that I enjoyed here are, there we have bench and table, in corporate we have executive chairs and each trainee will have a system on his/her table, there guys and girls will not sit together, here you are encouraged to sit together. Of course who will say no 😛 Then we can have a 2 min break whenever we need. Just get out of training room whenever we want without getting permission from trainer. On the first day (this happens in all corporate) the trainer will ask you to address your senior employees by their name. First time I felt embarrassing, now it’s ok. Sometimes it’s good feel and sometime everything seems to be artificial. But I cop to lead this life.


School life – 1

Well, am going to enter the final semester in my college life. So it’s going to be the final days in college life. Just three more months to be roll out in college. But am slowly remembering that funny school life in this vacation time of 7th semester.

I did primary i.e. from lower kinder garden to 5th grade in a convent. Of course it is coeducation. It was a very funny life. As in that age we won’t have any fear, worry and any tensedsit.jpg life. Hope everyone would have such a primary schooling right. After second grade the staffs there were made seating arrangement as a boy and girl alternatively. In order to maintain silence or to avoid the students speaking (he he he…) actually everyone will be silent initially right. Then after some days what happened? Guys’ sorry boys and girls mingled (just to speak 😉 ). So they can’t avoid us in making noise. My god I can able to remember all those things still now, great!

In the games period there will always be competition between boys and girls. Normally we play a game like the boys will form a circle and all the girls will be inside the circle and a boy games.jpgby moving in one leg have to send out the girls inside the circle i.e. if he touch a girl she will be sent out. A guy can move like this until he gets tired then turn moves to next guy. This game will also be played by vice-versa (i.e. girls make circle and make boys out). So the guy who starts the game to capture is very lucky coz can touch more girls, I mean can make more girls out right!?!?!!? I remember those recess period when we move from class room to toilet in line by roll6-2.jpg no. I think, any way we will move boys and girls alternatively by keeping a finger in lips (to maintain silence. ayyo! ayyo!) and holding the in front boys shirt if it’s a girl holding her skirt to maintain line lol(juz like the students in that picture) he he he 😉 . But in that age we did all those things without having any intention of course we don’t know what are right and wrong right?

Well that’s a few funny things I can proclaim here. So I will write about that best and worst part of my high school life in next post. It’s a mixture of fun, thrill and also some curses. That’s totally different from this primary school life. In what way? Keep guessing and visiting.

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