Mankatha – A Thala Game

Got something to blog. Alright, after a long time watched Ajith’s movie in theater. Why? Simple, got a ticket from colleague. Thala 50th movie, the hype given by Venkat Prabhu in Twitter and FB from the time the movie started – this day it got released.

Coming to the point, went for 11.30 am show. I’m not going much into story line here. Movie started with Ajith intro, a song, and then movie slowly running to loot 500 crores money which is transferred for IPL gambling. First half, – VP dragged the movie as much as he can which does not suit for any action movies like this. In intro song Ajith sings ‘Drinking too much, smoking too much’ absolutely reflects in the movie, he could have added shooting too much. PremG and Ajith comedy scenes are good even though some of them were taken from Twitter users like @kaattuvaasi  Ajith mentioning lot of hangover dialogues which is so funny and typical. Vada BinLada song was good too see in celluloid.

Second half moves somewhat faster than first half. Arjun contribution will be more in second half than first half. He suits best for the role. 4 actresses Trisha, Andrea, Lakshmi Roy, Anjali appears in this movie. But no one’s character has given importance. You can see the usage of beep sound more in second half. Climax was twisted round on me, well not very much. You can judge it if you have watched all VP movies before.

Music is good for the title song, other songs are not up to the mark. BGM is good. Too much usage of ultra slow motions could have avoided. Other than that, police dept guys(Arjun +) wearing blazers everyday, Hyderabad press reporters talking in Tamil kind of things are still continues in Tamil cinema. Cinematography is well done. Ajith looks so good and stylish in the movie, seems this was also ‘e adichan’ copy from Oceans 11 or 13 characters. Yet to see those movies to find the plagiarism.

Overall Ajith’s Anti Hero attempt, a good treat for Thala Ajith fans, and for Ajith a good 50th movie rather than a mookai 50th movie by Vijay. I really cannot say awesome, wow, fantastic, I can say this movie as ok or good. 2.5/5 will be my rating. Even though that doesn’t matters for anyone 😛

நானும் எவ்ளோ நாள் தான் ப்ளாக் எழுதாமலே இருக்குறது.


Looking back 2009

Well, 2009 been a great year for me.  Let me look back as what happened in 2009.

Jan/Feb/March Apart from January, other two months February, March was good. March is the month I joined a computer course and started looking for a better job. Job hunting helped me to explore the Chennai more.

April/May/June During April in our college we had graduation day! It was great to see the college and friends after a break for one year. We have worn overcoats 😛 and received our degree. Job hunting continued with more interviews more disappointments. I was frustrated with those interviews. Some organization asked to work for a low salary which is lower or equal to salary of a ATM security people getting 🙄

July/August/September Crucial time period for me in my career. I was looking for a career rather than a job. Most employers said the same dialogue ‘indru poi nalai va’ We’ll get back to you. One employer was much worse. He said I was selected and next day he said still candidates are coming and after two days he said I was rejected.  In some organizations I’ve even waited more than a month to get a response. Damn it! If you don’t want to select you have to say that directly to the candidate or you have to send an email stating as rejected. Because instead of waiting that these people will call us we can try something else.

But fortunately I got a chance to attend interview in a great organization. It was a great interview and a unique interview experience. After some 3 rounds of interview and waited for another month…. No reply from them. So thought I was rejected…

October/November/December Some day in October I was called for another 2 rounds of interview in the same company and finally announced as selected. It was one of the great times in my life. On Nov 18 I joined in my new job which has everything and event more than that I expected in a work environment.  This is what we call exceeded expectations.  The work culture which exactly suited my requirement. Everything is great now. And, today on my 23 birthday I’ve sponsored a child through Worldvision.

On this quarter I started exploring Twitter more. Really twitter is making a big impact. It becomes such a powerful social networking tool. Now it’s become a powerful marketing medium for enterprises. Most of the people are addicted to twitter like anything. Including celebrities like priyanka chopra, Genelia, Chetan bhagat(who was attacked by lot of people in twitter base on his tweets regarding pirated books)  most of the people starting and ending their day in Twitter. Starting from Good Morning tweeps to Good night Tweeps. Ivunga good night sollati yarum thoonga matangala 😛 some people tweeting almost everything they are doing! Like ‘I’m eating  food’, ‘I’m in lavatory now ‘ 😳 These people have to read this 10 things you have to stop tweeting about . OMG!! I don’t know where it’s going to end!

If you wanna check your addiction on twitter you can try this I’ve created a Toondoo about twitter addicts. Check out!

Twitter Adict

BTW this Toondoo is a great tool for people who want to create toon. The one above is I my first Toon. The site is very good and very easy to create toons. You can expect lot of such toons in my future posts.

This is what happened so far in 2009 and my life is really Awesome these days and I wish the same in the future. Alright! I wish everyone a great and happy new year ahead! 🙂