Weird and wonderful…!

This is how I think sometimes. Like the one happened recently while I was traveling alone from Chennai to my hometown. I have seen political parties’ advertisements in the walls of all around the city. Event though I had seen those ads several times I didn’t thought like this. I can found one thing common among all parties, and that is advertising in Tamil only. No English. Of course this will happen in all state i.e. political parties’ ads in their state language only. For making those ads readable by common people they might do this. Fine! Whatever may be the reason at least mother tongue lives there!!

While English came into all kind of scientific inventions and technologies our conversations are unavoidable in Tanglish. There are people who are struggling so hard to save my mother tongue ‘Tamil’. Recently a great show named “Tamil pechu yengal moochu” in vijay TV. Wow! Really a great show, I felt so happy to watch it, there were so many people including college students and I.T people participating enthusiastically. I heard that in Niagara Falls entrance this was written “Varuha! Vannakam!” (Welcome! Hello!) tamil has reached that much height 😛 When I was in 10th grade I had a Tamil pandit who always insist us to speak to in pure Tamil. Since then I love my mother tongue ‘tamil’ more. I can listen to your voice as “what are you trying to tell from this?” okay. All these incidents making me to tell to myself that let’s avoid English words as much as I can. But blogging in Tamil is not possible for me 😛


This was the statement told by some crazy guy “Tamiluku yethavthu aachuna I will fight for it” 😆


One tamil poet wrote this poem

“Intha Kalathu ilainharhaluku,

Tamilum Kathalum ondru than,

Veliye solla vetka padukirarhal”


That’s true.