Think before you Honk

Problem is we Indians don’t have patience. So these people are honking everywhere possible without any reasons and need. You stop at a signal and when there are few seconds left this guy will start honking. When there is heavy traffic or slow moving traffic this guy will honk like that sound has magic powers which will clear traffic just like that. Dei idiot how can we move the vehicle when the vehicle in front of us are not moving. If there is a way don’t you think that we will start moving. Are we awarded something if we don’t move our vehicles?

Worst part is this guy will travel in every possible corners which includes pedestrian way and start honking pedestrians like they are blocking his way. Idiot you are blocking their way. And if there is a pedestrian crossing, this guy will give full respect. Honking with full energy which will make the pedestrians scary and stop. Adei remember you have to be a pedestrian at times and you were a full time pedestrian in past. Learn that horn should be used only when the vehicle in front of you makes a mistake or not giving a way even though there is a possibility. Not whenever you like. It’s not Illayaraja music you know? It only annoys and creates hyper tension.

Another worst thing is driving at night. Man these guys never know the usage of High Beam. He simply turns on the light with high beam and never mind people driving in opposite direction. Even in a small streets he is driving with high beam WTF. I could write a post just about this high beam irritation.

Like me I hope you too feel like stopping your vehicle in middle of the road, go back and give a tight slap to these guys.



5 thoughts on “Think before you Honk

  1. hahaha same is the case here in pakistan! they don’t wait and they just have to honk everytime lol

    btw, remember me? im glad you still write 🙂 All the best, and im back to blogging now, do visit my blog 🙂

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